Wheel and Tire Maintenance for RVs: How to Avoid Blowouts and Extend Tire Lifespan

An RV with a door open in front of a lake in El Paso.

Now that summer is approaching, vacations in the family RV are going to be in full swing. However, to avoid issues on your trip, you want to make sure you have the appropriate RV repairs done to your vehicle. 

At Southwest RV Repair, located in El Paso, TX, we offer RV repair and maintenance services to get your vehicle ready for summer. If you want to avoid tire blowouts in the middle of your vacation, give us a call at (575) 332-1068 or contact us online today!

Minimizing Tire Damage

Unfortunately, tire blowouts happen more frequently in RVs than any other vehicle due to the added weight; they also are used less often. Despite being more prone to blowouts, by taking the necessary RV repair steps, you can help yourself greatly reduce the number of times you’re on the side of the road. Read below for the list of steps. 

  • Keep your tires properly inflated- Under-inflated tires are the most common reason RV tires blow out on the road. Pressure is transferred from the tread of the tire to the sidewall of the tire which in turn causes the blowout.
  • Properly store your RV in the offseason- Tires will deteriorate over time due to dry rotting. Storing your RV to hide it from the elements as well as keeping up with RV repairs will expand the duration of your tires. 
  • What terrain will you be driving on?- Sometimes you’ll be taking your RV on unfamiliar roads and it’s best you make sure you have the correct tires for them. Using the wrong kind of tire on a terrain could cause a blowout. Ask your local RV repair company to help you determine what kind of tires you need. 
  • Be mindful of overheating- Friction from driving at high speeds can cause your tires to overheat. Investing in tires that are designed to reduce the amount of friction on the tires when traveling at high speeds to avoid RV repair in El Paso

RV Repair in El Paso

Southwest RV Repair in El Paso offers RV repair services to help get your vehicle ready for the road. We can do a thorough inspection of your tires to make sure you don’t experience a blowout on your vacation. Call (575) 332-1068 to make an appointment.

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