What is Rhino Liner? An In-Depth Look at Its Benefits and Uses

An aerial view of a boat with rhino liner in water in El Paso.

If you’re worried about sun damage from UV rays, rust, corrosion, and other issues hurting your RV, boat, or truck bed, applying a Rhino liner is a great way to protect it. Rhino liners in El Paso are one of the most durable and practical ways to protect your vehicles from everything that El Paso throws its way. 

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What Exactly is Rhino Liner? 

Rhino liner is a protective coating applied to a wide range of platforms and surfaces. It is applied with a spray gun, similar to how a painter sprays on paint. Once the liquid dries, it adheres to whatever surface you apply it to and forms a durable, protective coat. 

How Much Does Rhino Lining Cost? 

Compared to how much good it does, Rhino liner is surprisingly affordable. While the exact cost will vary from one project to another, it typically costs right around $500. 

Benefits of Rhino Lining 

While there are plenty of liner options out there, Rhino is one of the best, and here’s why: 

  • Once it’s applied, Rhino offers a sleek and shiny black coat for improved aesthetics. 
  • Rhino liner guards against rust, corrosion, dents, scratches, and hail. 
  • This is one of the most durable types of liner on the market. 
  • A Rhino liner is just as easy to clean and maintain as it is to apply. Simply use a garden hose or pressure washer to spray the liner every couple of weeks or as needed. You can also use soapy water if your liner needs more shine. 

Common Uses for Rhino Lining 

Another benefit of Rhino liner is that it’s a very versatile product with a wide range of uses. Here are some of the most common places that people use Rhino liner to protect their El Paso vehicles: 

  • Boat flooring, sides, and exteriors 
  • Truck fenders, bumpers, and beds 
  • RV stairs, bumpers, and exterior trim pieces 
  • ATVs and UTVs 
  • Trailer floors and bumpers 
  • Much more! 

Where to Get Your Rhino Liner in El Paso

If you think that a Rhino liner sounds like what you need, Southwest RV Repair is the team to contact Whether you need Rhino liner repair, maintenance, or installation, we got you covered. Call (575) 332-1068 today!

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