The Ultimate RV Maintenance Checklist: Essential Tips to Keep Your RV Running Smoothly

An RV in front of a mountain and forest in El Paso.

Owning and operating an RV is a tall task and a big responsibility. In addition to safe operation, set up, and tear down during your traveling and camping adventures, there’s a ton of maintenance and ongoing care involved with owning an RV. This maintenance and care is what makes smooth travel possible, so it’s important not to skimp out on them. 

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Checking the Axles 

Potential problems with tires and axles are two of the biggest concerns that RVers have. Nothing will derail a road trip faster than a blown tire or bent axle, as both will put your RV out of commission, at least temporarily. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly check your tire pressure and tread. You should also have an El Paso RV services professional check your axles annually to ensure they aren’t bent. 

Inspecting the Roof 

Roof leaks are another common concern for RVers. To keep them from happening, you should walk on your RV roof several times per year and check for loose or frayed caulking. You should also check around your ceiling after every rainstorm to ensure there aren’t any leaks. 

Check Your Window Seals 

While you’re checking your roof for leaks, do the same around the inside and outside of your window seals. 

Washing and Waxing 

Whether you care about how your RV looks or not, washing and waxing are important for upkeep, the more you wash and wax your RV, the more protection it will have against leaks, scratches, and other issues. 

Protect the Underbody 

Unless you want pests and creepy crawlies getting into your RV, it’s important to inspect and maintain the underbody. Your RV should have a protective layer of insulation and corrugated plastic on its underside. These components protect you, as well as your plumbing and electrical systems. 

Proper Winterizing and Dewinterizing 

Finally, winterizing and de-winterizing are two of the ABCs of RVing. It’s essential to learn how to do each of these things properly so that your RV lasts as long as possible.

Professional RV Services in El Paso

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