RV Maintenance Tips: Preparing for Winter

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Winter is right around the corner, and it’s time to retire your RV for the season. Here, we will talk about how to winterize your RV in preparation for winter.

Southwest RV, located in El Paso, TX, offers top-notch RV maintenance and repairs to make sure your vehicle is safe and drivable. If you want to schedule some last-minute maintenance before winter, give us a call at (575) 332-1068 or contact us online today!

Winterizing Your RV

When you take the time to perform RV maintenance on your vehicle before winter arrives, you are also taking the time to care for your investment. Properly preparing your RV for the colder months will help keep your vehicle in top shape and prevent it from breaking down in the summer. Read below for a list of RV maintenance tips. 

  • Deter All Pests- If you’re cold, they’re cold, too. Small critters can take up shelter inside your RV and can potentially chew wires and other electrical components under the hood. 
  • Add a Fuel Stabilizer- Following the instructions for a fuel stabilizer can help prevent resin deposits from forming in your engine. RV maintenance in El Paso can help with this. 
  • Disconnect Your Batteries- Disconnecting and storing your battery in a dry and cool place can help avoid battery loss while in storage. If the battery becomes frozen, it can be severely damaged or even destroyed. 
  • Cover Your Tires- Not all tarps cover the tires, so make sure to put designated tire covers on your wheels. Also, be sure to inflate your tires to the recommended pressure before storing your vehicle. 
  • Protect Your RV- If you have to store your RV outside, make sure you cover it up with a tarp. Instead of a plastic tarp, try to find a tarp that is specifically made for your RV model.
  • Store in a Safe Location- The best place to store your RV would be underneath a roof or shelter. However, if that’s not possible, see the previous bullet on how to protect your RV from the elements. 
  • Inspect the Exterior- Receiving an inspection from an El Paso RV maintenance professional can prevent any small cracks or leaks from getting bigger through winter. 
  • Drain the Plumbing System- Any water that is left in your vehicle will freeze and cause serious damage to the plumbing system, thus creating a costly RV maintenance bill. 

RV Maintenance in El Paso

Southwest RV in El Paso can help you perform quality RV maintenance before the winter season hits. If you’re looking for professionals in the business, call (575) 332-1068 today!

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