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High-Quality Protection at Low Cost

You want the best protective material possible when doing RV or boat refinishing. The lining, especially Raptor or Rhino lining, is one of the most forgotten and underrated parts of a boat or trailer, as it prevents medium to heavy damage to your vehicle. However, it’s also one of the most important if you want a long-lasting bed, fender, bumper, or grille on your truck. By ordering Rhino and Raptor lining, you can save money while minimizing or eliminating future RV or boat repair.

At Southwest RV Repair, we offer fantastic options for Rhino and Raptor liner in El Paso, as they provide the interior and exterior with a long-lasting, durable finish. If you want the maximum boat, RV, and truck protection, consider a Raptor coating or Rhino coating today! 

Learn more about our El Paso Rhino and Raptor liner options by contacting us online or at (575) 332-1068 today!

What are Liners?

A Rhino or Raptor liner is a protective spray-on coating similar to a coat of paint. The purpose of liners is to protect the surfaces of whatever you apply them to. This could be the outside or inside of a boat to protect it from rust and corrosion or on the bed, grille, bumper, or fender of your truck or RV for the same purposes. Our Raptor and Rhino liner options offer a durable, affordable protection barrier for marine and road vehicles from the Texas elements and corrosions, such as hail damage

Lining Services We Offer

Our Southwest RV Repair technicians ensure you get the best boat and RV repair and maintenance care possible. With our Raptor and Rhino liner service in El Paso, you can pay less for more benefits than with any other repair shop in the area.

Here’s a quick look at our Southwest RV Repair lining services:

Rhino Liner 

Our El Paso Rhino liner option utilizes a spray-on application that makes them quick and easy to apply. You can rest assured that your boat or truck has maximum protection when it has a Rhino liner. 

Benefits of Rhino Liner 

  • Improved looks 
  • Increased durability 
  • Protection from the elements 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Raptor Liner 

Similar to Rhino liners in their work and benefits, our El Paso Raptor liner is another excellent option for your vehicle’s protection. The two brands are nearly equal in terms of quality, durability, and application. 

Benefits of Raptor Liner 

  • Improved looks 
  • Increased durability 
  • Protection from the elements 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Protection from hail
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Why Choose Us?

Rhino and Raptor liners are two of the top brands in the liner industry. They offer premium protection for your boat, jet ski, trailer, or RV and guard against UV radiation, rust, corrosion, and damage from the elements. Southwest RV Repair has you covered if you want the best Rhino and Raptor liner in El Paso and the industry. 

We offer mobile services where one of our technicians comes to your location and applies or repairs your Raptor or Rhino liner. You can rest assured that you get a high-quality, durable liner when you contact us at Southwest RV Repair. 

Turn to the Pros At Southwest RV Repair for All Your Liner Needs

If you want to get the most out of your jet ski, boat, or RV, consider our El Paso Rhino or Raptor liner service from Southwest RV Repair. We also repair current liners or can freshen up existing ones. Contact us to send us your location, and we’ll perform your Raptor or Rhino liner services on-site. 

Contact us online or at (575) 332-1068 to learn more about our Rhino and Raptor liner services in El Paso today!