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Does your pickup truck or boat have a quality liner to help protect it from damage? Southwest RV Repair can help coat or repair your truck or boat with Rhino and Raptor Liners to provide a lasting protective barrier so you can get back to hauling your next load of equipment, heading out on that adventure, or enjoying your time on the water. Contact us today to learn more and find the option that is best for you.

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Southwest RV Center saved our trip to west Texas
when we had an electric problem in our trailer. A bracket holding our water tank broke and when the tank moved it caused a short. They found the cause quickly, fixed the tank bracket and the electrical issue while we waited and had us back on the road in a couple hours. We really appreciate their fast professional service.
Bob Thomason


Excellent, timely service
Very friendly staff and quality communication through my entire repair process. Will definitely recommend to other RVers.
Andrew Golden


Price was much better than camping world
and the workmanship blew camping world away. Took extra care by adding more protection to the under belly. Extremely friendly shop!
Alex Sharkey

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Answer: No, we accept walk-ins and we will inspect onsite.

Answer: Yes, we offer oil changes.

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We can beat our competitor's turnaround times so you’re not stranded, waiting months for repair. We know how important it is for you to get back on the road so we work tirelessly to get you going again as fast as possible.

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Our team is known for catching issues that other RV repair shops may miss. Your RV is your home while you’re on the road, so we know how important it is to not only keep your RV running at its best, but also to ensure your comfort and safety.

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We offer the highest level of customer care. We work to not only fix your RV but help you maintain it. We offer advice and counsel to help you avoid any more headaches in the future.