A Comprehensive Guide to Boat Maintenance: Tips for Keeping Your Vessel Shipshape

A technician performing maintenance on the back of a boat in El Paso.

It’s now the end of summer, and boat trips are going to become more infrequent now that the weather is getting cooler. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore the maintenance of your boat until next summer. 

Southwest RV Repair, located in El Paso, offers boat repair services to anyone whose vessel might be acting up. Regardless of whether you need a basic repair, an inspection, or a major maintenance done, we can handle it. If you’d like to hear more about our services, give us a call at (575) 332-1068 or contact us online today!

Tips and Boat Tricks

Just like a car, a boat requires routine maintenance to keep in tip-top shape. Failing to keep up with boat repairs could cost you a fortune in the long run, so it’s best to keep on top of this. Read below for a list of tips that could help your boat and your wallet. 

  • Make sure your safety equipment is working properly.
    • Though this tip isn’t about your boat, it’s important to make sure all safety equipment is up to code and in date. You don’t want a fire to start on your boat only to find out your extinguisher isn’t working. 
  • Keep your boat clean.
    • Salt water can do damage to a boat’s engine, hull, and other equipment. Using fresh water and soap to clean it off can help you avoid a boat repair. 
  • Check the engine.
    • Engine failure is the most common issue in boats. Having a professional check your engine can help you avoid being stranded. 
  • Check your battery.
    • Your battery could struggle to hold a charge following winter. Clean and charge your battery before any voyage. 
  • Make sure there are no rips in your sail.
    • UV dehydration, chafing, stitching, and batten pockets are all possible issues your sail could have. 
  • Your bilge pump is operational.
    • The bilge pump is what keeps your boat floating. Therefore, it is vital that you make sure this is working properly to avoid boat repair.
  • Check your boat trailer.
    • In order to get your boat in the water, you have to get your boat to the water. Making sure your trailer is in working order will not only get your boat to the water but also make sure your boat doesn’t come unhinged in the middle of the road. 

Boat Repair in El Paso

Southwest RV Repair, located in El Paso, can help with any boat repairs and get you ready to set sail. Whether you need repairs or general maintenance, we’re the team to work with. Call (575) 332-1068 to find out more.

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