10 Signs You Need RV Repair

A technician performing a repair on a white RV in El Paso.

If you’re looking to take a road trip but don’t like the sound your RV makes when you turn it on, it might be time for an RV repair. Knowing when you need an RV repair is essential to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. Thankfully Southwest RV Repair, located in El Paso, has everything you need from quick turnaround times, quality repair, and a full inspection. 

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What to Look For in Maintenance

RVs receive a lot of wear and tear when constantly being driven on long road trips. Southwest RV Repair can offer quality maintenance and services, so make sure you have an idea of what’s going on with your vehicle before you bring it in. To avoid breaking down in the middle of the El Paso desert, look for these signs that your RV might need to be repaired

  1. Exterior Damage- Not all exterior damages require a repair, but in some instances, it could be hiding something more serious in the interior. 
  1. Hesitation in Starting- No matter the vehicle, when an engine doesn’t start up right away, it’s a problem. Usually, this is due to a battery that needs to be changed, but it can also be a more complex electrical issue. 
  1. Interior Electrical Problems- If you notice any electrical problems happening to your RV, immediately bring it in for repair. Something as small as a radio malfunction or dimmed dashboard lights can mean a hidden, bigger problem.
  1. Loud/Noisy Brakes- If your brakes are yelling at you, they’re trying to tell you something is wrong. Thankfully brakes are a fairly easy fix, but don’t go too long driving on them if they’re worn out. 
  1. Odd or Unusual Smells- Odors are an early warning sign to get your RV repaired. We recommend bringing your RV in if you smell any odors. The most common smell that emits from an RV is rotten eggs from your water. 
  1. Unfamiliar Sounds- Sounds are usually a standard indicator of something wrong with any vehicle. We understand that it’s hard to describe the sounds your RV makes, but know that an unusual sound that happens out of the blue typically means there’s a problem. 
  1. Warning Lights- Though this may seem obvious, don’t brush off your indicator lights. We sympathize with drivers when we say that our warning lights come on at the worst time, but do your RV a favor and bring it into the shop. 
  1. Fluid Leaks- If you notice fluid leaking from your RV, immediately take it into the shop. Even if it’s only a few drops on the ground, a few drops can lead to a puddle. 
  1. Loose Parts- If you take frequent RV trips, you might notice some loose parts. Loose parts are a common issue with RVs that take heavy usage. 
  1. Blake Smoke- Black smoke out of your exhaust pipe is cause for concern because your engine could be burning coolant or oil. 

No matter what kind of issue your RV may have, our technicians at Southwest RV Repair, located in El Paso, can fix it. To learn more about our RV repair services and what we can do, call (575) 332-1068 or contact us online today!

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